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New York City Refugee Finds Sweet Success in Vermont

BONDVILLE, VT -- Charles Alexander is proof that love is the best and only path to success.

When his wife, Ana María, finished graduate school and was offered a teaching position as a Spanish professor at Castleton State College, he sold his 15 year old cabinetmaking business and headed with her for the Green Mountains of Southern Vermont.  There, he decided to embark on a new career and after checking all the possibilities, i.e. nursing school, he chose something he had always loved to do -- baking.

“The decision to become a chef was a natural one.  I always liked to cook and bake, and my hobby was watching culinary shows on TV,” he says.

After two summers as chef at the Manchester Country Club and two winters at the Red Fox Inn in Bondville, Alexander decided to focus on his favorite part of the meal -- dessert. He founded Catamount.

The results of that decision are Catamount Cookies’ three delicious varieties, all hand-made and hand-packaged in the tiny village of Bondville, at the base of southern Vermont’s Stratton Mountain.

Catamount Cookies’ Chocolate Dreams are a heavenly mix of three premium chocolates, with a hint of espresso and a generous serving of California walnuts.

Sweet Dreams revives an old traditional recipe Alexander’s wife Ana María brought with her from her native Peru. Sharing food and recipes comes naturally to the couple. They met at vegetable market in Brooklyn Heights, and they spent their first date cooking and baking.

High in the Andean Mountains, women call their cookies “jewels” (Alfajores) and compete with each other for the softest cookie dough and for their loved ones’ attentions.  These delicate vanilla cookies are filled with a layer of sweet caramel and finish with a surprising hint of lime.

The latest in Catamount Cookies of Vermont’s line-up is the Java Dreams, a light, tender, crisp cookie which features the texture of shortbread, the aroma of fresh coffee, and the anticipation of the last bite -- a rewarding roasted espresso bean dipped in bittersweet chocolate.  A delightful pick-me-up in the afternoon, after a fine meal, or just anytime you need a treat.

All of Catamount Cookies’ products are made from only fine natural ingredients, with no preservatives added.

Catamount Cookies
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Catamount Cookies of Vermont uses only the finest baking ingredients. Nothing artificial is added.